Inlays/Onlays by Our Dentist West Palm Beach FL

If more than half of your tooth is missing or the decay is large enough to undermine tooth integrity, a composite filling is no longer your best treatment option. However, you also don’t need the full coverage of a dental crown. Instead, you can restore your tooth with inlays or onlays.
Your mouth and teeth will be initially examined before the inlay and onlay process. After our dentist in West Palm Beach FL determines which area needs treatment, it will be numbed with local anesthesia. The decay will be removed in order to prepare the teeth for inlay or onlay treatment.
Reasons for Inlays/Onlays
Inlays are used as to replace parts of a decayed tooth. Onlays are used for the same fashion but have a wider treatment that extends to the back of the tooth. An impression of your teeth will be made to create an inlay/onlay mold that fits your teeth. While waiting for your final inlay/onlay to return from the lab, we will provide you with a temporary filling.
Benefits of Inlays/Onlays
Then, your custom inlay/onlay will be placed inside of your teeth. A high-quality resin is used for placement and hardened with ultraviolet light. Your inlays/onlays are long-lasting and we recommend brushing and flossing the area like your natural teeth.
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