What Can You Expect at an Emergency Dentist in West Palm Beach? 

Are you nervous about contacting your dentist about a dental situation you feel is an emergency? You don’t have to be! Emergency dentists are experienced in handling various emergencies efficiently for patients.  
Even if you’re not sure if you’re experiencing an emergency, contacting your dentist as soon as possible helps them determine when you need to come into the office.   
Keep reading to learn what to expect at an emergency dentist in West Palm Beach to keep your nerves at ease!   
Emergency Dental Exam   
While routine dental exams assess your overall health and the state of your teeth, bite, and jaw, emergency dental exams identify the main issue you’re experiencing.  
Your dentist will look for signs of inflammation or infection to discover the source of your pain. They may also look for broken crowns, damaged teeth, or a wisdom tooth trying to break through. Lastly, your dentist may also opt to use x-rays if they’re having trouble visually identifying where the problem is located.   
Anesthetics and Sedation  
Once your dentist has identified the primary source of the problem, they’ll help try and relieve the pain as soon as possible.  
They may even opt to use dental anesthetics before the examination so that they can numb your mouth, making it easier to examine you, so you aren’t suffering. If you experience dental anxiety, don’t be afraid to tell your dentist. They may opt to sedate you so that you can stay relaxed.   
After your appointment, your dentist will most likely give you a prescription for antibiotics to fight the infection in your mouth. They’ll also recommend over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs to help reduce any swelling.   
Fixing the Problem vs. Temporary Relief  
Keep in mind that depending on your dental emergency, your dentist may be able to fix the issues right then or there, or they might just be able to give you temporary relief. For instance, if they find that you require a root canal, these are typically not possible to schedule on the same day.   
On the other hand, repairs to damaged crowns or veneers may be possible during the same visit. Here are a few issues that your emergency dentist in WPB will be able to help you with:   
• Oral pain relief  
• Dental infection care  
• Wisdom tooth pain relief  
• Crown or veneer restoration  
• And more  
Remember that even if you’re not sure about what treatments or procedures to get, you can still go to your emergency dentist to get pain relief. Then, when you’re in a better frame of mind, you can come in later to make final decisions.   
Don’t Hesitate to Contact Your Emergency Dentist in West Palm Beach  
Emergency dentists keep their hours open so that their patients can feel confident calling them when an emergency occurs. Even if you’re not confident whether what you’re experiencing is an emergency, it’s essential to call your dentist anyway so that you can explain your symptoms and possibly come in for a quick examination.   
Your issues won’t go away on their own–contact your emergency dentist in West Palm Beach to mitigate your pain and find the source of the problem.   
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