Root Canal in Jupiter: 3 Quick Facts

Did you know that more than 15 million root canals are performed in the United States? This happens every year. From tooth decay to faulty crowns, root canals are a safe and well-established procedure that can save your natural teeth.  
However, when it comes time for your own root canal, it’s natural to feel nervous. Some knowledge about what to expect can help beat the nerves.  
Read on to learn three quick facts about getting a root canal in Jupiter so that you can feel confident in your choice!  
1. Root Canals Aren’t Painful 
Many people associate root canal procedures with an immense amount of pain. However, this simply isn’t true. Root canals are designed to help relieve the pain of your tooth pulp, not cause more! 
A local anesthetic is also applied before the procedure begins. Once your tooth and the area around it is are numb, it will feel as if you’re just getting a cavity filled.  
With this in mind, don’t delay your treatment if you’re afraid of potential pain and discomfort. Root canals will help treat the affected area before infections worsen.  
2. Root Canals Don’t Require Several Appointments 
Most root canals will get done in one appointment, though you may need a follow-up appointment in some cases. Appointments won’t interrupt your entire day, either–they’re an average of 30 to 90 minutes long.  
During second appointments, this is when your teeth are cleaned more, and a sealant is applied. At this point, a crown is also applied if you need one.  
3. Root Canals Should Be First Choice 
Lastly, some people have the false belief that extraction takes priority over root canals. As much as possible, the natural tooth should be saved over getting implants or dentures. 
It’s also important to keep in mind that endodontic treatment is known to be reliable and safe. It has a high success rate–your teeth will last a lifetime.  
Do You Need a Root Canal in Jupiter?  
Keep in mind that a reputable dentist in Jupiter will help walk you through the process. They’ll also be willing and able to answer any of your questions, whether those are about recovery time, the level of pain to expect, and more.  
Overall, you’ll find that root canals are an important and necessary procedure if you want to save your natural teeth. Once the root canal is performed, your natural tooth will last a lifetime with the proper brushing and flossing.  
Ready to schedule a root canal in Jupiter today? Contact us to make an appointment!