See the Benefits of Same Day Crowns in Jupiter

Same day crowns in Jupiter are incredibly beneficial because you won’t have to experience multiple days with temporary ones that may not be the best fit. However, what are crowns, and when are they necessary for your dental health?  
Keep reading to learn about dental crowns and whether you might need them in the future!  
What Are Dental Crowns?  
You can think of a dental crown as an artificial “cap,” or crown, that’s customized for the shape of your tooth. When your tooth is damaged due to decay or trauma, a dental crown restores the shape and appearance of your tooth so that it looks and functions naturally. The crown is cemented into place and completely hides your natural tooth.  
Why Do You Need a Dental Crown?  
Now that you know the basics of dental crowns, why would you need one? Here are a few reasons to keep in mind:  
- You need to protect a weak tooth 
- You need to hold a dental bridge in place 
- Restoring a broken or worn down tooth 
- Covering a tooth that’s had a root canal 
- And more 
As you can see, dental crowns strengthen your natural teeth so that you can avoid more invasive procedures.  
Same Day Crowns in Jupiter 
Normally, it takes about two appointments to receive your customized dental crowns because they need to be created in a lab outside of the dental office. However, offices that provide same day crowns are able to manufacture them on-location, meaning you don’t have to wait as long.  
This is done through a more modern method of scanning your tooth and creating a 3D model. Then, the model is sent to an in-office machine that creates the crown from a block of ceramic. It takes only about fifteen minutes to create!  
Schedule an Appointment for Dental Crowns Today 
Dental offices that offer same day crowns in Jupiter have a patient-centric approach can eliminate your stress and make easy visit easy. You can also be assured that if they offer same day services, they’re staying up-to-date on the latest technologies that directly benefit patients.  
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