Make Flossing Easy with Our Same Day Dentistry in Jupiter

Flossing is the most effective way you can clean between your teeth, but often goes skipped by adolescents and adults alike because it requires a little more finesse than brushing. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can make flossing simple and easy for yourself, and we’re here to help.  
Keep reading to learn some simple and effective flossing tips from a reputable same day dentistry in Jupiter team!  
Use a Variety of Tools 
If you have trouble using traditional dental floss, keep in mind that there are a variety of other tools you can use to make it far easier! Here are just a few:  
- Water flossers 
- Dental tape 
- Waxed or unwaxed floss 
- Floss picks 
- And more 
Keep rotating between your tools until you find the type of floss that works best for you. For instance, if your teeth fit tightly together, you may find that satin dental tape is easier to use because it’s gentler on your gums and flatter than normal floss.  
Start With Manageable Goals 
If you’re going from not flossing at all to wanting to floss, make it easier on yourself by starting with manageable goals. Instead of planning to floss every day, focus on the goal of flossing at least once a week. Once you’ve accomplished this, extend your goal to two to three times a week.  
Soon, you’ll be flossing every day without an issue and without burning out!  
Floss at the Right Place and Time 
Do you find that you’re often too tired to floss at night and end up skipping it? If this is the case, aim to floss in the morning or afternoon instead. Similarly, you may find that you get bored easily flossing in the bathroom in front of the mirror. For this reason, try leaving floss in areas where you’re more likely to floss, such as in your car or by the couch.  
At the very least, placing floss in these areas can be a visual reminder for later.  
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Flossing is an essential part of good dental hygiene. If you have bad breath and are prone to cavities, incorporating flossing into your daily dental hygiene routine may help mitigate and even reverse these issues.  
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