Sinus Lift

In the back of your upper jaw, your maxillary sinus cavity lies just beyond your jawbone.
Do I need a Sinus Lift?
You may be a candidate for a sinus lift if you are experiencing any of the following:
- Missing teeth
- Jawbone deterioration
- Oral condition requires dental implants
- Tooth loss (due to gum disease)
Before treatment, you will be put under general or local anesthesia to alleviate pain. Your specialist will create a tiny incision in order to make the jawbone visible. A hole is cut into the jawbone and the sinus is lifted to separate the lining from the jaw itself.
Bone graft material must be used in order to support a sinus lift. Bone material will originate from elsewhere on the patient’s own body, harvested from a cadaver, or from an animal. The new bone material is then placed in the jawbone. The treated area will be stitched and given time to heal before dental implants are anchored.