How to Prepare to See an Emergency Dentist in West Palm Beach

When you experience an emergency, what should you do in the hours or minutes before you see your emergency dentist? By knowing how to prepare, you could help mitigate the pain or infection you experience and make it easier for your dentist to treat the wound.  
Keep reading to learn all about preparing to see an emergency dentist in West Palm Beach!  
Keep Your Mouth Clean
Keeping your mouth clean before you see your emergency dentist will help mitigate further harm to your mouth. You can do this by using a saltwater rinse that can kill the bacteria accumulating in your mouth. 
You’ll also want to avoid any drinks or food that can irritate the area, such as hot or cold beverages, hard candy, and more.  
Preserve Your Teeth
If you have experienced a knocked-out tooth, it’s important that you find and preserve it – that way, your dentist in West Palm Beach may have a chance of saving it. You can do this by rinsing off the tooth in water and then placing it back in its socket.  
If it won’t stay in its socket, try keeping it in the side of your cheek or storing it in a cup of milk. The sooner you get to your dentist afterward, the greater chance you have of preserving your tooth!  
Even if you can’t preserve your tooth, never fear – there are still ways your dentist can help preserve your beautiful smile. One of those ways is dental implants.  
Bring a Friend or Family Member 
Lastly, keep in mind that emergency dental treatment can be invasive depending on the severity of your injury. With this in mind, we recommend bringing along a friend or family member if possible so that they can drive you home after the procedure.  
Patients who are in pain are not advised to drive, either.  
Do You Know an Emergency Dentist in West Palm Beach?  
Making sure you have an emergency dentist in your area can grant you instant peace of mind. This is because you’ll know exactly who to go to during a dental emergency, and you won’t need to waste time calling around. Even better, if your dentist also offers emergency services, you’ll already be familiar with the staff and environment, and they can pull up your medical history quickly.  
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