3 Important Reasons a Tooth Extraction in West Palm Beach is Necessary  

Has your dentist or orthodontist recommended a tooth extraction, but you’re nervous about whether it’s necessary? Keep in mind that reputable dentists will do everything to save your natural teeth.  
However, there are some cases where keeping your tooth can be dangerous for your dental health and lead to more critical issues.   
Keep reading to learn some of the top reasons a tooth extraction in West Palm Beach is necessary!   
1. Severe Tooth Decay  
Tooth decay that reaches the root of your tooth is considered severe. At that point, bacteria can invade the pulp or root of your tooth and cause a severe infection. If it’s not taken care of, this infection can spread to your soft tissues.   
In many cases, a root canal is usually performed to prevent further infection and to save your natural tooth.   
However, there are times when the decay is so severe that a tooth extraction is necessary.   
2. Helping Impacted Teeth  
Tooth impaction is when a tooth is blocked from coming out, which is typically the case for wisdom teeth. If these teeth aren’t extracted, they can cause damage to other teeth or increase the chances of infection because of overcrowding.   
Your dentist may decide that tooth extraction for your wisdom teeth is best so that your teeth can remain healthy and don’t become misaligned.   
3. Reducing Teeth Crowding  
If you’re about to undergo orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, your dentist or orthodontist may find that extracting a tooth is necessary. This is because if your teeth are already overcrowded, there won’t be room for them to move and straighten.   
Of course, your orthodontist should make sure that tooth extraction is absolutely necessary. However, if they find that it is, you’ll enjoy better and faster outcomes when it comes to orthodontia.   
Learn More About Tooth Extraction in West Palm Beach  
Do you feel as if tooth extraction might be necessary for you in the future? You don’t need to feel nervous. Reputable dentists will make the procedure as painless and stress-free as possible. They should also explain to you what to expect during, before, and after the procedure as you recover.   
Once your teeth are extracted, you’ll be well on your way to better dental health outcomes and a beautiful smile!   
Ready to learn more about tooth extraction in West Palm Beach? Contact us today to get started!